About ToonBlog & ToonForum

ToonBlog is host to a range of regular features; match previews, opposition fans interviews and TFI match reports, as well as the best football articles written by ToonForum members. We like to encourage quality discussion and this blog gives our members the chance to fine tune their writing abilities and have their best posts published to a wider audience.


ToonForum is a discussion board started in February 2012 that caters primarily for fans of Newcastle United Football Club but plays host to a good number of fans of other clubs or anybody else who may be interested in having a bit of conversation with the guys and girls who spend their lives chatting here!

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The board has a friendly community with extra focus on off topic chat via the ‘Beardsley’s Bistro’ area which plays a big role in making the place what it is. Such discussion includes:

  • All Sports
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Film & Television
  • Debate & Discussion – Social, Political, Philosophical debates etc.
  • Prediction Leagues – Predictions for Football Leagues

The ToonForumIndex

ToonForumIndex, or TFI for short, is an index of player ratings based on the opinions of ToonForum users. After every competitive game we make a thread on our forums asking for users to rate each player’s performance out of 10, with an optional comment on how they did. We then aggregate this data and turn it into a report representing the opinion of the fans and post this back onto the forums, and onto our blog.

This season we’re looking to take TFI to the next level by also giving it its own section on the site, which is probably where you’re reading this. We’ve revamped our presentation, and will also keep track of players’ performances throughout the season and make those stats easily accessible. We’re not looking to offer the kind of statistical data you’d get from Opta based sources like WhoScored, but rather to display how the fans have feel players have performed throughout the season, with a sprinkling of goals and assists for flavour.


Contact the site admin at cal@toonforum.co.uk, or get onto the forums ask your questions there.