TFI – Player Ratings vs Swansea City – 15 Aug 15

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A disappointing and disheartening defeat which did plenty to dampen any optimism the opening day had generated. We conceded in the first ten minutes, and then as we were threatening to get back in it, a needless second yellow for Janmaat halted any forward momentum and put the team into damage control mode.

For the TFI, we ask our forum members to rate each player’s performance in the concerned game out of 10, which we then average out to get a rating representative of the fans’ views, we also collect a few user comments to summarise how the player did and show a few different viewpoints from the board. The top scoring player is man of the match; the lowest is mug of the match.

After our impressive opening day performance earned a 6.25 team average, this game swung the other way to a lowly 4.62. Only three players came out of the match with any semblance of credit; Moussa Sissoko (5.64), Vurnon Anita (5.71), and the man of the match, Chancel Mbemba, whose impressive defensive display, aside from one big mistake, earned him a fairly decent 5.93, especially for playing in a defence that conceded three.

Mug of the match goes to Daryl Janmaat, who could do pretty much nothing right in his 40 minutes on the pitch and earned a 2.29. The Dutchman was the one who played Bafetimbi Gomis onside for the opener, and was repeatedly and thoroughly beaten by the pace of Jefferson Montero, resulting in a number of reckless challenges and a couple of shirt tugs, leading to two yellow cards and an early bath before half-time.

Steve McClaren was rated a fairly average 5.43. While some fans criticised his decision to go strikerless and to park the bus for a good chunk of the second half, it was recognised that he was in an unwinnable position with ten men away against a strong Swansea side.

Krul – 5.07 (Ratings ranged between 5 and 5.5)
“5 – Couldn’t really do anything about the goals and wasn’t majorly tested other than that.”
“5 – Think he could have done better for the second, maybe. Probably being a bit harsh. Kicking shocking as usual but you can’t blame him for this performance really.”
“5 – Should stay on his line more often.”

Janmaat – 2.29 (Ratings ranged between 1 and 4)
“2 – Absolutely brainless defending. Saved from a one because he made a couple of good forward runs.”
“3 – F***ed us, poor game and incredibly stupid sending off.”
“1.5 – Abysmal, only got .5 because its too early in the season to give a 1. Totally let the team down with his stupidity. Personally I thought both his cards were extremely soft (although that’s no excuse for his actions resulting in his second, or the stupidity for the first), if the ref had been consistent Ayew would have gone as well for two tackles that were both worse than Janmaat’s).”

Mbemba – 5.93 (Ratings ranged between 5 and 6.5)
“6.5 – Apart from the error leading to the first goal he had a solid game and pretty much carried the rest of our defence afterwards… Would have given a 7 if it wasn’t for the error.”
“6 – Shouldn’t be sliding around on the floor for the first goal. Needs a better partner than Colo. Can’t judge him on today’s match, was let down by his team. Hope he isn’t going to be used as RB.”
“6.5 – 8 tackles & 3 clearances, handled Montero well.”

Coloccini – 4.21 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 5)
“4.5 – Awful, shouldn’t have gained a new contract.”
“4 – Consistently below average. Typical Colo performance. Also at fault for the first goal, caught napping.”
“3 – Too slow and can’t mark.”

Haïdara – 4.79 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 6)
“3 – Poor touch, poor passing and poor defending today.”
“5 – Better than last week but that is about it.”
“6 – Better than his previous performance, but still not great.”

Anita – 5.71 (Ratings ranged between 5 and 6)
“6 – Our best player in my opinion, just a little too sloppy with his passing at times.”
“5 – Kept us ticking over as best he could.”
“6 – Only bright point of the midfield, always looked to get onto the ball, didn’t hide like Colback.”

Colback – 4.36 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 5)
“5 – Some good stuff and some bad, steady performance.”
“4 – Poor, loses the ball far too often in dangerous places, went into hiding again. Get the useless idiot off set pieces.”
“4.5 – Unable to influence the game. I know he gets a bit of an easy ride because he’s local, and because people feel sorry for him for being a ginger, but he’s just utterly average. His passing isn’t particularity good, his positioning isn’t great and he offers very little going forward. Honestly don’t see how he’s any better than Guthrie or Perch. We need to be looking for a better alternative that can bring more to the team, Anita is a better DM and Colback doesn’t have enough in his game to play as a creative CM.”

Sissoko – 5.64 (Ratings ranged between 5 and 6.5)
“6.5 – Our best player on the park until his injury. Threat going forward and actually carrying out some defensive duties.”
“5 – Looked like one of our better players in the first half, just needs to release the ball earlier. Hopefully the injury isn’t serious.”
“5 – Same as last week, started well then faded badly before he was subbed.”

Wijnaldum – 4.21 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 5)
“4 – Too deep.”
“4 – Offered literally nothing. Needs time to adapt.”
“3 – Invisible.”

Obertan – 5.00 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 6)
“6 – Looked like a threat in the first half, isolated in the second. I know he’s poor defensively but personally I think wingers in a 433 should be attacking, defensive ability is a bonus.”
“6 – Decent, had our best effort on goal.”
“4 – Poor, had one good shot though, it’s an improvement…I guess.”

Cissé – 4.14 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 5)
“5 – Did very little and was isolated for much of the game.”
“4 – Anonymous all game, which wasn’t his fault.”
“3 – Looked tired (must be all those wives)…”

Taylor – 4.86 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 5)
“5 – Not a bad performance in difficult circumstances.”
“4 – Gave the ball away quite a lot.”
“5 – Did alright.”

Aarons – 4.79 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 5)
“5 – Did nothing, came on far too late.”
“4 – Unable to make an impact.”
“5 – Never got a chance.”

Mitrović – N/A
“N/A – Moron. He needs to start scoring goals if he’s gonna be such a t***.”
“3 – The kid is a knacker. Hopefully starting games soon which will mean he isn’t so keen to ‘stamp’ his authority on the game.”
“5 – Needs to watch his temperament.”

McClaren – 5.43 (Ratings ranged between 5 and 6)
“5 – He was always going to go unchanged and was let down by Janmaat today. We were just outclassed by a very good team.”

“6 – No problem with the starting 11 (although Cisse was lucky to be in there), should have reacted to Janmaat being stupid/ref being soft. Perez and Aarons should have come on at half time to give us an outlet and prevent us from being penned in. Cisse has no pace, was just totally isolated.”

“5 – We are playing much better football but today was a naive performance before the sending off, which could have been prevented had he took Janmaat off or ‘had a word’ a-la Bobby-Gazza Italia ’90 as his head had clearly gone. Really hoping to see some one or two changes for Man U. I expect the Chancellor at RB with Saylor in the centre, Perez needs to come in and I would be happy to see Mitrovic start over Cisse as we’re going to need someone who can hold up the ball.”

“6 – Let’s be honest, it wasn’t pretty to go so defensive, but considering we were down a player it was fairly effective. Would have lost that 4 or 5-0 under the last couple of managers.”

Do you feel these ratings are fair, or do you have anything to say about this match in general? If so, do so in our discussion thread here.

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