Fair Play League

We’re bottom as I think most people are aware. This was sort of understandable last year when we had Barton, Nolan and Carroll screaming in the face of the referee every time a decision went against us, but this year we’ve largely been well behaved so I found it unusual why we were so low and decided to look at how it’s calculated:

Red/Yellow cards
This is the only section of the league which is statistical rather than subjective, so we shouldn’t be able to find anything wrong. You start each game with 10 points and lose 1 point for a yellow card, 3 points for a red. I don’t pay much attention to other club’s discipline, but our own has seemed fairly respectable this season, with Chelsea’s standing out because it’s so atrocious.

Newcastle – 22 games – 2 reds and 35 yellows = 179, but we only have 176 in the FPL?
Chelsea – 23 games – 5 reds and 52 yellows = 163, but they have 171 in the FPL?

Respect towards opponents
We’re rock bottom here, and I really can’t fathom why. The most incredulous thing about it is that Liverpool are sixth, despite having a player banned for eight games for racially abusing an opponent, and also refusing to shake hands with the opposition before the game. I’m not sure I wholly support the message the Premier League are sending to kids here?

Respect towards the referee
Again we’re rock bottom. Wayne Rooney’s Man Utd are second somehow. Take note kids, when a decision goes against you you want to get up in the ref’s face screaming until you turn purple and applauding sarcastically, rather than smiling wryly and having a quiet word like Demba Ba does. Remember this. Swansea are top here which is fair enough from what I’ve seen.

Behaviour of team officials
That’s right, we’re stone last again. Pardew to me seems one of the more reserved managers on the touchline, especially compared to say, Sir Alex Ferguson who constantly berates officials during the match, after it, sometimes even before it. Where are Man U in this? Second again, behind Swansea. Roberto Mancini who has come under scrutiny for his card waving antics is sixth.

Behaviour of the public
5 points can be added for:

– Verbal support in acceptable form
– Covert recognition of outstanding play by the opponents

5 points can be deducted for:

– Persistent foul and abusive language
– Persistent abuse of the officials’ decisions
– Aggressive and threatening conduct towards opposing fans

And yes we’re bottom of this as well.

Written by Absolutely Glorious