And as the deadline day dust settles

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I’m not a big poster on this forum, usually looking at the gossip whilst adding my frustration during match day threads, however when I woke up this morning and saw that unsurprising news that we had made no moves in the transfer market I had to vent – and seeing the barrage of abuse I had received from friends on Facebook, this seemed the best place.

Looking at the comments from my friends about ‘Judging Kinnear on his signings – well that’ll be easy’ etc. etc. I realised that I can take abuse about NUFC when we lose and are shit on the pitch (we have been for about 75% of the time that I’ve been alive) because that’s sport. In sport there is a winner and a loser and cream always rises to the top, however the only way to become the best is to have desire and ambition. An ambition to do better, be better and anyone in sport will do everything and give everything to do it. Unless you are Mike Ashley. I have watched a lot of lower and non-league football in my life. Even at that level every club shows said ambition to be better. However, it’s when the powers that be – the decision makers – who are not interested in the sport but the money and do not possess any desire that the point of a football club is lost. It’s not to make money. It’s about the sport. It’s about winning.

So it was this morning that I decided I was done with this club – at least financially. I shall no longer spend a single penny on the club whilst Mike Ashley holds the keys or until he realises we are sports club and are meant to compete. I will not attend matches (admittedly being posted abroad does help), I will not buy merchandise or subscribe to the website. I will even go as far as only watching the match on internet streams, ensuring I am not pumping money into the Premier League and then into his pocket. He is sucking the life out of our club to ensure he makes back his investment.

I will cheer on the boys each Saturday from the comfort of my arm chair whilst watching an awful stop-start stream. I will check our results and read forums such as this. I will scream when we score and have heart stopping moments but sadly I won’t be surrounded by fifty-thousands screaming fans in the process. On my return to the UK I will not be buying Sky Sports and I shall tell my girlfriend to not buy me slippers from the club shop for Christmas. I will love this club until I die but I won’t prop it up any more, not until what happens on the pitch becomes its main priority, as it seems to me whilst football is circus, sport at Newcastle United is simply a sideshow.

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