We Need a Coach, Not a Manager

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I thought I’d create a thread instead to vent my frustrations.

I think it’s obvious to anybody with eyes that Pardew has to go. I feel for him as he is in an awful position as he has little power over anything when he should have the most power over team affairs. He would be better off going down to a Championship club where he would be successful, maybe like Bruce at Hull but he can’t coach a squad of Premier League players. The players don’t believe in Pardew and that is showing clearly tonight.

As our management position isn’t really a management position, we need a coach. I think Rene Meulensteen would be a great choice to become our next ‘manager’. He may have no experience but he is seen as one of the best coaches in the world so he would be able to improve our players and he would be more tactically astute than Pardew. I’m sure he must have picked up a thing or two from Fergie.

It’s obvious that if Pardew stays we are only going in one direction, while we need a new man to really revitalise training and our tactical approach in games. Ronaldo and other top players have said how good Meulensteen is on the training ground and he is one of the main men who coached the Man Utd side to so many trophies as Fergie didn’t take training sessions.

Pardew may have even stopped us from being active in the market as he was the reason we wasted so much time on Bent. I think we should let Carr and his team recommend players to JFK if that is how we are going to play it while Pardew is not comfortable with his limited responsibility. The longer he remains, the more the responsibility of each person is clouded with uncertainty as nobody really knows there role.

If we hire a head coach to look after the first team who has no say on transfers other than suggesting which positions need strengthening. This leaves Carr and his team to find a list of around 5 players in our budget to go for, before Kinnear tries to sign the player. Its a far from perfect system but if that is how Ashley wants to play it then Pardew has to go. The only way this will work is if we remove the management position and replace it with a head coach role.

Pardew has completely lost the team and Ashley needs to complete the rehaul of our hierarchy and appoint a head coach who will organise the team in a way in which we can compete.

I know this may be repetitive and make no sense but it’s typed with complete anger.