TFI – Player Ratings vs Man City – 19 Aug 13

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Welcome to the first TFI of the season, new and improved in what is hopefully one of many impending changes for this year on ToonForum. You may have already seen the first match preview, and an increased rate of other blog posts in an effort to have more frequent blog content with some regular features, and also to get ourselves on Newsnow. This season we will be taking TFI to the next level and keeping track of our ratings throughout the season to give an indicator of how the fans thought the players performed every game, something which is usually neglected. To do this TFI has been given its own subsection on the site, although match reports will continue to be posted to the blog and forums too.

To come up with these figures we ask forum members to rate each player’s performance in the concerned game out of 10, and average these out, their comments on the players’ performance are also combined into an overall opinion of the board. The top scoring player is man of the match, the lowest being mug of the match.

33 members cast their votes this time. Just about everyone was crap this week, barring an exceptional performance from Tim Krul who picked up our man of the match with a score of 8.17, a surprisingly good debut performance from Dummett, and a couple of almost passable performances elsewhere. At the other end of the scale was the slapstick performance of Taylor with a score of 2.17, who just pipped Debuchy to the accolade of mug of the match, the team’s overall average rating was 4.99.

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Krul – 8.17 MOTM (Ratings ranged between 7 and 9)
Easily our man of the match, and one of the only decent performances on the night. Several important saves stopped it being a truly embarrassing score line, and he was only really beaten by some seriously precise finishing, it probably would have been 7 or 8 with Elliot in goal. A couple of dodgy kicks, but that’s a very minor complaint considering everything else that happened in the match.

Debuchy – 3.35 (Ratings ranged between 2 and 5)
Had an awful match, only saved from being our worst player in the match due to Taylor’s sending off, and he probably could have been sent off himself. Flashes of decent play going forward, but his positioning really let him down today, and having no protection from Hatem didn’t help. Other features of his play were reckless challenges, needless free kicks, and the challenges he did miss were mistakes that led to goals.

S. Taylor – 2.17 (Ratings ranged between 1 and 4)
Mug of the match for obvious reasons. Poor defending for the goals, should have conceded a penalty and to top it off he gets a straight red for violent conduct in an unnecessary and idiotic incident. One of the worst games he’s had in a black and white shirt for ages, completely inept performance.

Coloccini – 5.70 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 7)
Average, but a cut above most, speaks volumes about the team on the night. He wasn’t directly at fault for the goals, and didn’t commit any glaring errors. Tried valiantly to hold our defence together, but was beaten too easily at times, I suppose one man can’t defend everything.

Yanga-Mbiwa – 5.12 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 6.5)
He gave a poor performance at LB in the first half where he got cut open time and time again. He’s not cut out to play there against opposition like Man City, but he improved in the second half when he was actually played in his correct position. This coupled with Saylor’s performance, sending off and probable three match suspension, has possibly cemented MYM’s place as first choice partner for Colo over the long term (depending on performances in the next few matches). He showed some good defending and ability to bring the ball forward but was caught up field too often, and needs to work on his defensive positioning and reading too, although this will probably improve as he builds on his partnership with Colo. Another one that could have gotten sent off, in a needless shoving match with Dzeko.

Tioté – 4.76 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 7)
Not the midfield beast of two seasons ago, but not quite the headless chicken of last season, so distinctly average. Seemed to be focusing more on what he does best, simple effective passing and regaining the ball, although he still tried too many ambitious passes and was caught in possession a little too often. Normally I’d be bemoaning his long shots into row Z, but his one shot was actually good and our only shot on target (although even that is debatable).

Gutiérrez – 4.86 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 6)
Did better than was expected in the role, especially compared to last season’s performances, but it’s startling how he continues to get into the starting line-up ahead of players who deserve it more, especially since he was out of position, Pardew’s Jonas love-in will continue into this season it would seem. Did what he does adequately, worked hard, got about the pitch a bit, lots of effort, little end product. Drifted out to the left and attempted to get forward, ran at Zabaleta, won some free kicks and delivered some decent crosses.

Sissoko – 5.05 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 7)
Another one who was played out of position, Sissoko was the best of a poor bunch in central midfield, he’s still not an attacking midfielder though. Whilst he didn’t lose the ball as much as last season, he needs to be calmer on the ball at times, he also tended to be involved in some of our better passing moves.

Ben Arfa – 5.97 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 7)
Comfortably our best attacking player, but that really isn’t saying much. He seemed unfit , lost the ball too often and didn’t pass it enough unless the Hollywood ball was on, but he seemed to be the only one that was actually capable of or trying to make things happen going forward.

Cissé – 3.59 (Ratings ranged between 1 and 5)
Isolated for a lot of the game and completely useless because the tactics we were using, still he seemed to spurn any chance that came his way. Couldn’t hold the ball up or play with his back to the goal, but then he’s a poacher and that’s not his game, so why are we utilising him like that? He probably should have been taken off instead of Gouffran. Someone needs to inform Cisse of the purpose of a wall on free kicks.

Gouffran – 4.58 (Ratings ranged between 2 and 6)
Didn’t do a lot, but didn’t get much of a chance to do much either. Showed some signs of promise with some good movement and a good finish for the offside goal, but really had to drop deep to get in the game, isolating Cisse further. He seemed to pull a vanishing act after around half an hour.

Anita – 4.88 (Ratings ranged between 3 and 6)
Anita not starting over Gutierrez in CM was a ridiculous decision by Pardew, and although they’ve gotten almost identical ratings, Anita was playing with a team mate less for his spell on the pitch. Shored up the central midfield slightly, but didn’t really do a lot for the main part, at a man down against a rampant Man City he was chasing shadows. At 5’6” it was strange to see him in the wall.

Dummett – 6.53 (Ratings ranged between 4 and 7.5)
One of the few players who can come out of the match with their heads held high. An excellent debut considering the situation he was brought in on and the quality of the opposition. His lack of experience came through at times, but he kept Navas relatively quiet, and seriously outshone his fullback counterparts in the match.

Sammy – 5.10 (Ratings ranged between 2 and 6)
Nothing particularly wrong with his performance, he put in some effort and showed some fight on the night, which was sorely lacking in general. He did look pretty hopeless at times, but that was understandable considering what he was tasked with, against Man City, a man down and in a team bereft of ideas.

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