St Mirren Fans’ thoughts on our performance on Tuesday

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With our atrocious transfer window so far, we need all the good news we can get, so here’s all the complimentary comments from St Mirren fans’ match thread.

Very refreshing to read through their comments, apparently we showed great passing and movement, something that i thought was non-existent last season, and they’ve singled out multiple players of ours to praise. Also pointed out (much more repeatedly than I bothered to quote) though is the rather large gulf in class between the two teams and leagues, so most likely not a true reflection of where we are at the moment. Nevertheless, things look a tiny bit less bleak for the coming season.

Also, they keep bigging up McGinn. I’ve never heard of him like, but one to watch?

Newcastle are passing us off the park 2-0 easy and we need to regroup at half time or we could be facing a right doing here

Newcastle as expected are on another level, they look a class side. Connor Newton just came over to west stand for a hero’s welcome in the half time warm up, wish he was coming back

Good run out for both teams. Cisse, Coloccini, Dabouchy and Ben Arfa are the four best players I’ve ever seen at St Mirren Park.

Now give us some more loanees Pardew!

Walk in the park for Newcastle and so it should be with their quality. We have a decent account of ourselves without a shot on target though.

Enjoyable evening’s fitba. Give me one pre-season fixture like this every season and I’ll be happy. Newcastle were better because they have better players. Slick, sharp passing and great movement. We competed well and stuck at it – a gubbing was never on the cards. Guys like Cisse and Coloccini are class.

Still, an enjoyable night, good atmosphere, a pleasant change from the usual SP(F)L opposition, and some quality footballers on display in the Newcastle side.

Thought newcastle no.8 was their best player……..sure it was anita. USed to think he was a weak link for them any time I saw them last season on tv. But tonight i thought he was fantastic in midfield.

It was a decent game tonight, Newcastle were much quicker and stronger than us in every position which made it really difficult for us to get in behind them. Their keeper quite literally had nothing to do! I thought Ben Arfa was quality, Cisses movement was outstanding but I thought McAusland did well against him. John McGinn grew in to the game and was a class act – I wouldn’t be surprised if Newcastle keep tabs on him.

Someone mentioned the apparent gulf in fitness levels between the two teams tonight. I can see some strength in that argument, but the Newcastle players have a level of touch and vision that allows them to conserve their energy, while Saints were chasing shadows much of the time. Every time a NUFC player received the ball, he had an option (often more than one), and this takes pressure off. Their one touch play was 1st class, likewise their movement off the ball. When players have that level of abililty and understanding, they don’t have to chase the ball in packs like a Primary 7 play-time team.

All that said, the Utd players closed us down when required, and showed a great deal of commitment (albeit they rarely moved beyond 3rd gear).

I agree their ability is streets ahead of ours Drew. However when they had the ball the Newcastle players were all running around giving options for the player with the ball. When they moved forward they moved as a team with loads in support. They passed quickly and forward. We on the other hand stood still shouting for the ball and not making space or runs or we did not chase back and mark properly. We looked static and unfit compared to them (IMHO). We were ok for the first 20 minutes but after that I thought some of our players looked very slow compared to Newcastle. I did enjoy the show tonight and expected a football lesson but was just a bit disappointed in the rift between the teams in terms of movement and running. Maybe its not fitness but tactics.

We did play a passing game. Newcastle just played a better passing game.

They played Tippy Tappy Non – Shite Fitba !

Cisse showed why Newcastle persevered with him. A class act.
Newcastle’s shirt sponsor was pretty apt last night as, at times, they “took a len o’ us”!

Newcastle are just much better us, you can see the gulf. Mind you we couldn’t afford the big toe of Cisse, Tiote and some of the other internationalists.

I was saying to KennyP last night I’d put in a cheeky loan offer for Dan Gosling, their number 15 (the only white guy they had up front in the first half). He looked mobile, strong, kept the ball well, and, more importantly, I really can’t see him getting a sniff at St James’ this season. Could be wrong, of course – he may have played his way into contention last night.

I have also, on here, slagged off Sammy Ameobi before (when he was linked with us on the rumour mill), but I tell you what, he would absolutely wreak havoc in the SPL. Some of his flicks were outrageous and he’d be pure box-office. I still don’t think he’s EPL but is probably rated as ‘an option from the bench’ for Newcastle now.

Finally, I though Dummett looked very comfortable last night and I would bloody love it if he makes it there.

Watching Newcastles touch and movement was as education. Felt a bit embarrassed at how far behind Scottish football is but happy with the way our younger players acquitted themselves well.