The Gomis Deal: The Views of a Lyon Fan

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Hi dudes,

I’m a French Lyon fan, I come here to read your news and feelings on the Gomis’ deal.

I can tell you that Gomis is a good striker. He scores a minimum of 15 goals each season. He hasn’t become a top, 30 goals a season striker in our team for many reasons:

  • The main is the concurrence and the turnover with Lisandro Lopez, they share the goals, so instead of having a striker with 30 goals, we have had two 15 goal strikers for the last three seasons.
  • We don’t have a tactical style that suits him and his skills. (It’s a reason we want to sell him). He is an Adebayor type of player, not Suarez alike, if you know what I mean.
  • He misses easy goals sometimes, but scores breathless goals as well.

But the most important with him is that he is an absolute nightmare for the defenders, he really keeps the ball well, and uses his big ass perfectly, ^^ and in my opinion it’s the best part of him. When in a match and your team is in difficulties, you just have to kick the ball ahead and he will keep it and wait for his partners. It is relieving for sure.

All the Lyon fans like Gomis, but most of we prefer Lisandro because he has so much soul and grinta (determination). He loves the club, and as I said, he matches our play style (technical, little passes). Also we have Lacazette, Benzia and Njie who are extremely talented central attackers for our formation, so the club want to let them have playtime behind Licha’.

Having said that, I think your €8million bid was fair enough, for he is in his last year of his contract, but you have to understand our chairman Aulas. Swansea, Shakhtar and Fenerbahçe were already ready to pay €12M but Gomis refused them and it’s the only reason he is still with us.

Gomis wants to play at the World Cup, he will not take the risk to stay and give up his chances of that, that’s for sure. So why should Aulas accept a €8M bid while he has better options on the table and maybe another club could enter the race?

In addition, Aulas saw that NUFC reportedly offered €12M for Andre Pierre GIGNAC!!! And the fact is that everyone in France, even the Marseille fans, knows that Gomis is far better than Gignac in every way. Everyone knows that here, it’s even on the Marseille forums.

So well, clearly, if Aulas refused that €8M bid, it’s because he has other options at hand.

When you see the price of Cavani, Caroll, etc, then Gomis is easily worth €15M haha 😉

Gomis refused 3 options, now he prefers to go Marseille for Champions League foiotball, and OM want him but they can only take Gomis if they sell Gignac, but Gignac really doesn’t want to leave so that move is dead.

Gomis is interested in NUFC (for Brazil, Debuchy, Cabaye), but he in an ongoing argument with Aulas, so our chairman will not let him go easily and accept a lower bid just because he chooses that team. If he stays, he can say bye bye to the World Cup, so Aulas is in a strong position even with the one year left on Gomis’ contract.

And maybe other clubs can enter the dance to take him. Tottenham, Liverpool, Fiorentina and Fenerbahçe have already had an eye on him, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came with a ‘8M+2M bonus bid’ to win the lot.

Tidus has since kept us up to date with the latest Gomis news from the other side of the channel, so be sure to check out the full thread for more.

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