In Europa we trust

It seems that UEFA are a tad concerned that the Europa League competition is looked upon as the inferior European cup competition when compared with the Champions League.

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To that extent they wrote to all press officers of clubs currently involved in the competition with some guidelines of how they can ‘sell’ the tournament to viewers and football fans in general.

This included such cringe worthy copyright that I shudder as I copy and paste it:

  • Uefa Europa League is prestigious – it provides clubs, players and fans with the challenge of competing in European football for an elite trophy.
  • Uefa Europa League is rich in heritage having provided some of European football’s most memorable moments and characters in recent years.


I’m a fan of the Europa League as it’s thrown up some really cheep kamagra if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link18″).style.display=”none”;} interesting teams from the wilder regions of Europe that I’d never heard of before but I do have one under lying problem with it and that’s when those in the Champions League who were not good enough to progress get dropped into a different competition with the underlying message of “Tough luck getting knocked out the top competition. See if you can win this one then! Good luck. They’re all a bit shite.”

This is the cause of why it’s deemed to be the insignificant European Cup and not celebrated as a great competition in its own right because UEFA belittle it themselves.

By giving the losers of the Champions’ League group stages another competition to continue playing in after being knocked out says to football fans that it’s a loser’s cup. It doesn’t have any great teams in it.

So, back to UEFA’s press kit:

It has no real prestige – how can it when UEFA ply all their PR and Marketing reserves upping the CL as the greatest in the world. When CL teams enter as ‘a last try to win a pot’, the Europa will never be seen as an elite trophy.

Has it really provided some of Europe’s most memorable moments? Who won it last year? Who won it the year before? Do you remember that comeback to end all comebacks in the final?


No? You don’t recall these?


I bet you know who won the CL last season, the season before and you know what comeback to end all I’ve referred to.


Why? Because it’s UEFA’s inferior cup.


If UEFA want us, the clubs and sports fans in general to view Europa as a valid and viable challenge to compete for they have to give it some kudos themselves and not expect others to do the job for them.

I’ll still be watching it season in and out because I enjoy it. Be they from Belarus or hail from Hungary, sally forth from Slovenia or amble over from Azerbaijan – I’ll watch them because I’ve no clue who the hell they are and it’s nice to see football from other nations that rarely make waves in the top echelons of football.


Go on UEFA. You can make the Europa more popular. You know how as well.

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