Confidence in the Squad

Over the last few weeks I’ve really becoming much more confident that our fringe players can do a job. It’s obviously worrying when Tiote has to go off but I would have felt much worse about it a few months back/start of the season.

It seems we have a selection of players who can play a variety of roles. I’m not worried if Jonas to step in at LB, I believe that Perch can do a job in CM, I’m happy with Ba or Cisse working on the LW, I don’t mind Raylor playing… anywhere.

It’s not ideal, and it’s no reason not to strengthen in the summer, but with every player seemingly stepping up to plate regardless of whether they’re slightly out of position or not, I have much more confidence in players that I wouldn’t have previously.

The main thing it does is give us more adaptability in formation during games, so we can make tactical switches without the need of a sub.

So much credit has to go to Pardew for getting the absolutely maximum out of every player. It’s astonishing what he, and the squad, have achieved, it really is.

Written by Geordie Gashead

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